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Humbly, I’m with the hippies that believe that there are no finite approaches/intents/methods to and for creating/consuming art – on the contrary, it is an endless experimentation; a utopia-like window for creative freethinkers.
I believe more often than not; art itself is conceived by the pursuit to release, express and embed a bit of self onto the fabric of existence– whatever reason(s) that might be (don’t let them snotty elitists tell you otherwise).
Whilst I’m prepared to be snubbed for the creative nature of this body of work, there will be no apologies. I am aware that not everyone might appreciate/understand/enjoy my work (for that, i feel sorry), and that’s really okay. Nonetheless, these are still precious vignettes of my mind and spirit that I find dear and important in marking my episodes in life.
Even before toying with rap, I have enjoyed clumsily traversing disciplines - poetry, painting and song writing; resulting in really messy expressions ('abstract' sounds too cool). Needless to say, my work made sense to very few people aside from myself. Tbh I’d paint and pen with no clear vision in mind – letting my subconscious steer the ship, so to say. Recurrently, my lyric and poems unfolded to be blanketed conversations and with (spoiler alert) myself.
This project is a collection of songs written and composed applying that very approach; chaptered into 4 parts. Some completely performed and produced on my own, some covers, some with the help of amazingly talented friends.
Albeit quite a handful of these songs have a decipherable theme or topic; many a tracks here blossomed from a singular feeling – eventually unfolding (or layered) to become what they are.
The songs on CWSAOS have been picked from an even wider library of solo and collaborative recordings in the last 4 years. I’m proud of these songs, and I thank everyone that has a hand in making them real.
Love x Light.


Part I:



Sometimes, the most fragile fears and revelations show their faces in time of calm and reflection; even in intimate states of prayer. Often, for me, it’s in these moments that I feel most present – when the smoke screen and noise are muted; with breathing space to dig in on feelings, vibes and experiences – setting the stage for bittersweet epiphanies, melancholic acceptances and eventual contentment. 



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Come as you please


YOLO whatever whatever, but spur-of-the-moment ideas and indulgences are like turnt night-outs, they’ve got the makings of the best times of your life. The only off take – you’ll need to jump the cliff to nosedive into the water(BAM!).

Here’s to instincts and trusting them to take lead; from satiating in blind senseless acts of nowness, to attracting and pacifying tensions-  from sex and stress to duress.












Of goddesses, love, lust and muses.
















We all cope in our own ways.

But this, it’s more than talking to yourself.

I don’t talk to myself –  the crazies talk to themselves.

I write songs to myself (Ayyy for nut jobs)!

For a good while, I wasn’t sure to whom and why I was writing and talking to or for – I’d just pen all these things with phantom shadows in mind.

Took me awhile to figure they were journal entries to myself.

What caught me off guard most was what I was telling myself, really – not always flattering, and at times, a little fucked up.   

Perhaps it’s therapeutic, I can’t tell rn tbh.

It still happens, these self-conversations; this time around though, I pay it a bit more mind; observing self.





I’m not sure how to end this.
I guess in retrospect, the body of work here started out as unrelated experiments, just fucking around with new canvases and styles in composing and writing.
Unintentionally, it all came together as a (mostly melancholic?) memoir of sort.
Life is a personalized mystery box, as far as I’m concerned. I think I have all the answers, of course; but so does everyone else. However, when that particular rite of passage in life hits you; watching your folks grow old, having friends succumbed to drugs, loved ones divorced, some battling cancer, et cetera; Reality sinks in quick; the box isn’t all fun and games anymore.
And I guess that’s where words and music come to play, in my mystery box at least.
Thanks for listening.

















Sayla/Vix Chandra is a rapper-songwriter, an award-winning copywriter/adman, TEDxKL Speaker, theatre noob and a vegabond of the arts from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


also, one half of rap group Dose Two and a founding member of HipHop collective #XXII








Conversations With Self & Other Stories is the result of elaborate collaborations and shared ideas. The artworks however were left to each artist's interpretation with only a handful of songs and chapter titles as guides.




About The Artwork

“For the this piece I wanted to mimic the movement of a wave against a sunset backdrop, capturing both motion and stillness. It’s my abstract interpretation of the juxtaposition within nature.”

“I rarely premeditate what my piece will look like as I tend to create based on instinct. I create whole-heartedly, then find the meaning afterwards. My philosophy is that art can be anything you love. I believe that art is freedom and passion. It should be a sense a release, a time where you can get lost in your own world”  

About The Artist

Sharina Shahrin, 22, is a Visual Artist that specializes in digital art and painting with new found interest in installations. Artistically experimental, she constantly explores different mediums and platforms of expression.

ig: @sharinashahrin_

Maju Terus 


About The Artwork

“Its an attempt for me to test the borders of my own imagination. It does not have any significant message behind it, it is just to say that our everyday objects can be reconstructed to give different impressions.”

About The (non)Artist

Engku Iman's (b. 1990) simple and clean illustrations and installations are characterised by a sardonic humour on her cultural surroundings. Refreshingly unafraid of being brash, she draws ironies, paradoxes, and cruse colloquialisms that she observes as a young, malay, muslim, woman in urban Malaysia. Engku doesn’t like to be termed as an ‘artist’. She enjoys Wantan Mee and Teh O Ais.

ig: @punkenstein

 Kintsukuroi, starting of an end.


About The Artwork

A visual manifestation inspired by songs from Sayla’s ‘Courting Owls’ chapter- anchored on the concept of Kintsukuroi; an artistic Japanese philosophy of mending broken pottery with gold, where the act of fixing it is not concealed or seen as a flaw, but rather embraced and seen to be part of the process of the object's existence and history. The elements in the artwork is a symbolism of a story. Do you see a broken heart with a deep raging hole, or a love struck heart that's just beginning to flutter? Do you see letters or words? Colours or the monotone dullness? 

About The Artist

Sliz is a stone-age, self-taught and constantly evolving freestyle artist. Unable and refusing to create same pieces twice (and easily getting bored), Sliz jumps across subjects/styles fast – resulting in various contrasting styles and artwork.  

“People say that it's not good in the art field that I'm impulsive, reckless, and indecisive, cause collectors tend to look for artists that has specific styles that they stick with. But I don't make art for collectors.”

 “It’s a process of me evolving and developing one technique to another and executing art in as many ways as I can. It's controlled-chaos, one bomb with a million wires to trip it, if that's a philosophy.”

ig: @thesliz



About The Artwork

The untitled artwork is one of Allahyarham Syam Asmawi’s earliest known piece depicting the great Salvador Dali. It was a gift from the late artist to fellow creative and friend, Fatulrahman Ghazali, whom is also a Sayla collaborator.

About The Artist

Allahyarham Syam Asmawi was a dedicated self-taught artist with a fascination for surrealism. His admiration for Salvador Dali led the late artist into a deep exploration into vivid dream-like visuals and Dalisque imageries.

To Allahyarham Syam Asmawi, art was a journey of self-discovery and awakening; allowing him to evoke and explore new sense of self and sensations that were both foreign and comforting.