You can’t stop us,

Cause we don’t give a fuck,

Not going to your war no more

Ain’t going to war.


They try to stop us?

Come together break the wall,

Not fighting for your war no more.


If I could, I would come back to you baby,

If I could,I would, but your bae’s got to save the world.


And we go where the wind blows,

All my people know it’s gonna be alright.


I guess I might be little bit bias,

but we didn’t start the fire,

Didn’t plan to burn down empires, didn’t like that our leaders were liars,

How’re you gonna lead us when can’t walk by us,

the fuck you take us for?

Motherfuck your desires,

You’re paid by us, you were hired,

Didn’t think you burn down empires, didn’t like our leaders were liars,

How’re you gonna lead us when can’t walk by us you,

the fuck you think you work for?


God forsake if I lose my mind,

All I need is my 20s and a bottle of wine,

Let me cruise it up.






Can I ask a favour favour, try to see life from my eyes,

Can you do a favour?  baby don’t cry,

I need a change, I need to give chase to the sun.

I need a favour girl, wipe your eyes,

Do me a favour girl, don’t oblige,

I need a change, I need to give chase to the sun.


My poppa was no rolling stone, grew up poor to be rolling stoned,

he dreamed of becoming a made man, making it on his own,

and he did, but not alone though, he made it with my moms,

who grew up poor, a daughter of a jaded man who once had it all, and then,

came me, second and last child, only son,

started out just making the grades, then Mowgli grew up and won a Cannes, damn.

Now they all want him, but he doesn’t want them,

I’m after the Nobel with a novel, rap for the novelty,

Rap bout the travesties, the tragedy, the society,

I guess that’s me, a soldier of fortune, gin and juice jars on me,

Cynical laugh, that’s me, not giving a fuck, that’s me,

Pretending to have fun in a club, socially awkward in bars and libraries,

Swallow 5 of these, let me die with ease, wait a minute, what?

Heaven or hell or whatever, what a wonderful way to get in though, huh?

I’m after the billion mark, alter the way we Achillieans are,

Heels up, keep walking, utopia’s still so far.


There’s a cold selfish side of me that often haunt my nights,

Makes me do the cold selfish things that pulls back from the brighter light,

By right my might is strong, but what’s the use when the mind is wrong,

I’ll write my brighter songs, but first I got to getus through this storm,

through these thorns that tear my flesh, and exposes the kid inside of me,

as oppose to the notion that deep down my soul,  I still got you inside of me, that’s not true, I’m busy checking cheese, cheques in Gs over chickadees,

look at these, queen bees taking these Ds,  oh you hustling huh?

Nah, he’s hustling ya, tell ‘em,

swear to god there’s a devil in me and momma he’s winning me over,

I was always the optimist but never believed in four-leaf clovers,

I rather be goldless than soulless, godless in a forest that choruses hope,

Than a fortress of a man-made god with a couple of puppeteers under the cloak,

I’m a lining the coke while I’m taking a toke, got a ticket to takeoff and never come back,

smoke til I choke, glad I’m not dying broke, been gambit as fuck and I’ve shuffled the deck,

motherfuckers I’m going out in high spirits; hi spirits!

The Ride or die spirit, but don’t fear it, high spirits.


No, I need no savior.

Let me go.







Screw it I will do it.

Screw it I will do it, deactivate myself.

Screw it I will do it.

Screw it I will do it, deactivate myself.


Been thinking of logging off for good, no more updates,

no more Twitter feeds or Instagramin on our dates,

Our fate will not be televised on the timeline,

We got that old school love, keepin it real when it’s our time,

What’s up with WhatsApp, I rather talk for real,

Skypin’ you up telling how real this feels,

How I fail to find the appeal of a virtual rs,

The whole Internet feels like an opinion contest,

Got to confess; it’s a contest to the conscious self worth ,

the real reason why we falling back instead of going upwards,

I like to keep us personal, don’t see it as selfish,

I don’t trust these hos, caught a couple episodes of Catfish.


Fools rush in but I don’t need no fools judging my life, no Facebook,

Tools buy in but we don’t need no tools fixing our lives, no Facebook.






I read somewhere today that the world is ending,

and if it's true, then I’d wanna watch it with you.

This meaning of life, is it worth comprehending?

We could run away, it's really up to you.

And if I could, I'd show you how I need ya,

and if you would, you could let me lead ya,

be heroes, just for one day. Just for one day.


cause we’re eternals, in this universe of stars,

in this universe of love, this universe of ours,

cause we’re eternals, in this universe of everything.


Somebody told me today that death is pending,

well if it's true, I would wanna spend my life with you.

Waste my time on our every little nothing,

in the vast emptiness, darling I found you.

and if I could, I'd show you how I need ya,

and if you would, you could let me lead ya,

be heroes, just for one day. Just for one day.


All I know is I’m coming home.






Yea, this one’s for the kids,

Old enough to understand that something’s wrong with the picture,

Colour outta the box and get an E from the teacher,

They preach bout shit, but art teachers aren’t preachers,

No shame crayon stains, stay on creating cray songs for the leeches,

It’s our colour, they can’t bleach us,

Aim higher than the clouds, like Jupiter, so they can’t reach us,

It’s a cold environment; the climate ain't changed, just the condiments,

It’s a permanent occupation of the mind you in,

The kind that keep you occupied with stupid shit like Kardashians,

You call that entertainment, whoa really? what happened?

When did we run out of Mercury, Harrison, Jackson?

Bring back the Rat Pack, even the old Marilyn Manson would do, for real.

At least for the kids.


You went from a twinkle little star, to thinking a little far,

We all grow old, but to grow up shows your wound and who you really are,

Let the adults do adults, but you do you,

But when you’re down and you doubt why you do you do,

Choose the high road kiddo, and I ain't talking about toking,

But once you figured it out, roll yourself a spliff as a token and celebrate life with every breath before the coffin,

life’s offerings is off the charts but you don’t have to be poppin’,

you don’t have to be rich to be more confident and bold,

you don’t have to be a bitch or Arie Gold to be gold,

if your goal is to change the world, put in your soul,

play your role and go for it girl, fuck what they sold, pull a Nike.







I'm digging deep like I'm searching for the fountain of youth,

I couldn't lie if I tried cause I'm living the truth,

living proof that the odds are against the majority,

we got the numbers but seem to lack the authority,

treated horribly at the expense of a few, born into a world not given a clue,

only the life we knew was akin to a prison, break the chains hope to see a new vision,

thrive in the alley of life with no mission, in line for meal at the local soup kitchen,

and they ask why we're bitching when they got what they need,

please, why's it gotta be about me,

when it's bigger than each of us plus we over consume, to a level that's bound for doom,

and if you can see it with you heart as much as your eyes,

you might find this whole time you've been desensitized – in the Alley.






You can find the homeless calling the corners their home in the alley,

the junkies and the forgotten society in the alley,

you could get robbed, raped and killed in broad daylight in the alley,

so it’s kinda fucked up when the whole world's becoming an alley,

too many vultures in the valley, not enough Makavelis,

try taking it off your head, but reality sinks in, shits heavy.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown they say,

but not as heavy as the denial that weighs you down that way,

the modern's world's a whore, you wanna be livin’ it up, you pay,

fuck that, so I guess the alley is where the people go when they stray?

ok? I'll abide by the game cause I got mouths to feed,

but it doesn’t mean I'll dumb it down, or water down my masterpieces,

thought about it, count the audit, structured my thoughts like a thesis,

the alley's grimey as fuck but it's on top where the thief sits.

lies in between where they teeth is,

Jesus pieces wont protect y’all, we from the alley, we heathens.



Oh my God we need ah revelation,

I think the whole world need some meditation,

Everybody need to chill get some ventilation,

You know my reputation; mr sorry i don’t give relations.

Check it, life’s a lesson let that page recall it,

Bow your brows let me serenade the crowd till my engines stall,

Before the angels call, you gotta let the pain dissolve,

Now put your weapons down, make sure you switch them safeties on

Now listen gather round, I had ah premonition,

We're making his-story, but in our own image

Exhibitions of the plotting in it’s thickening,

Modelin’ citizens runnin’ round just botherin’ innocence,

Visuals not foe the typical, its not a subliminal,

This is cyclical, if don’t nobody stop the rotation,

So listen, I need a moment but I could use an atonement,

My condolence to the ones that we lost but we gotta focus so,

Everybody need to chill get some ventilation, now let me thank my lucky constellation,

If I don’t happen to make it home tonight, then tommorow just celebrate me I’m gone.






Rainy morning, let the coffee beans roast,

Put on your favourite record dear, so we can do the waltz.

Nobody’s calling,  butter Nutella on toast,

Put on your favourite hoodie dear, we could stop to play adults,


And I wont go talking to myself,

telling myself I’m alright not really being okay with myself, I really really won’t,

And I won’t go ringing your bell,

telling you I’m not dying inside cause I really could use a little help,

I need a little help.


I would forgive you if you do it again.

I would forgive you if you do it again.

I’d be your souvenir, you’d be the lady in my beer.

I would forgive you if you do it again.

I would forgive you if you do it again.

You’d be my souvenir, I’d be the devil in your ear.


Could I be dreaming, oh I got an angel on my back,

Could you be scheming on me dear, you know I love the scent on your neck,

nobody’s burning, but I feel myself I’m breaking a sweat,

take off my favourite hoodie dear, let’s hit the sack and maybe break our backs.






Maui wowie, dooradilla flowies,

Fly like eagles, bobbin Marley in Langkawi,

This one’s the sawi, it’s a smokin’ manga party,

So ladidadi, who’s got a rollie spark one up for me,

I’m in the corner getting on a hit with my neighbour’s daughter,

Then I took a hit off the bong, played that blueberry yumyum song, caught her easing down, we be chillin’,

‘Til it’s 5.45, illin on that sunrise appeal and feeling all mush,

could be the kush, her skin be glowin’,

reflecting that morning sun, damn son, she’s been growing,

her mind body and soul makes my mind body and soul feel mighty, godly and bold

and I might cave in and role with the moment,

float and follow where the river flowing,

hoping one day you’ll be reaping what you be sowing in me,

take a toke, lift your perspect and see. Then be all you can be, k b?


Everybody smokes, but you be smokin’,

even the cops take tokes, if you get caught give a token,

fire-ballin in a bottle like Hadouken.


Come with me, hail mary,

I Got that Jada Pinkett will but her appeal’s Halle Berry,

So I smoked her, like beef on a grill,

Like grills on the teeth of Chief Keef, she’s hard to steal,

Wanna leave the wowie but it’s hard to bail,

when sales been ill, can’t sell, then comes bills, we need that feel,

we need that feel, it’s unreal,

yolo, she’s like froyo, scoop her while I chill, might as well,

no fuck yolo, yala: you always live again,

praise God in Arab like thank      .

 God lord, she’s good. So Sayla’s gonna toke toke toke ‘til I’m happily ever after.


 We’re the underground, we’re the weather underground.






Let me do it one time for these goddamn motherfuckers, the haters that never get enough of being served,

All I had was love for these comrades, ready for the combat, I’m down to brawl to get what I deserve,

Smoke that herb, life’s a verb,

I don’t mind your herd but I hate your turd,

Why that shit you dropping all subliminals?

Bite my flow and I’ll eat you like I’m Hannibal Cannibal Lectar,

factor in I’m part of the pack of the wolves that’s leading the light,

lead the debate on how we’ve come so far and still don’t have full democratic rights, let’s blow that, Blast ‘em Off, 3 Flow that,

we’ll be blasting the bastards with bombs in the building,

Obama you bitches, but first motherfuckers where my dough at? Bitch ass.


Goddamn they wanna take me down.

Dumbdumbs won’t take me down.


I’ve taken the role of the madman with criminal skills,

Got my rhymes and they permanently terminally ill,

I’m real enough I’m taking the badge off my name,

I’ve had enough of Sayla, this is Trix spitting game,

I’m to blame for fuckin' up the Flow,

Pukin’ up the kill switch, I’m ‘bout to flow motherfucker,

Next time take notes motherfucker,

more Sean Carter, little less Chris Tucker,

don’t be begging like you didn’t know.

I don’t bump to radio no more, mp3s on the stereo,

I don’t dig MTV no more, reality shows nothing like normal home videos,

I don’t believe every second that we breathe is being seen with pristine clarity by the eye in the sky,

But I believe 911’s conspired and the lies are the reason that the eagle still flies. Just sayin’.


Goddamn they wanna take me down.

Dumbdumbs won’t take me down.



What it is, it’s your boy in the place

And I dedicate this whole fucking year making motherfuckers know pretty sure, I bring it to ya like I did before,

And it wasn’t for the steppin' that's for sure,

I’m sick of saying this motherfuckin' shit all the motherfuckin' time again and again and again,

You speakin again, I should be beatin your ass with a cane, also again and again and again,

I’ve been in the game a long time, motherfuckers better stand up and salute,

There wouldn’t be a game if not for me and many others,

But homie, homie I didn’t see you,

So go on say that shit again, whatever shits you be talking under your breathe like a pussy,

For the last time, you better handle yourself,

or there gonna be nothing left, bitch ass.






I wonder what if the world was equal?

No greed or ego, would there still be evil?

And I wonder what if we were blind?

Would we segregate society based on the reverb of our times,

What about the mind, what if I told you they were lies,

that religions aren’t religions, there’s only 1 legion of mankind,

I wonder would you get angry, if so, do you wonder why,

Like as though, I’m a lesser kind?  I was told, life ends in a blink of an eye,

So Im’a absorb it, the good and the bad,

Question everything, learn everything, and let everything just make me laugh,

take it easy,

up in the big leagues, I wonder if they feel these;

cold wind and cold hearts, people with heebie-jeebies,

I wonder what the future holds for us people,

Will all the books in the world, be a click away on Kindle?

I wonder when we die, what happens to all our riches?

I wonder when I die, would you smile looking at my Facebook pictures.


But from eye to eye, all I really wonder about is all you.


They break our bones, thinking they’ll break our spirit,

My life is my own and its home is where my heart is,

Your grace is where my heart is, my love duly departed,

I wonder where you are, are you sorted?

Is the bigger picture starting to show more?

Last we spoke you were lost, an emo in a coma,

Have you surfaced? Holla.

I hope you reincarnate yourself as a new universe, renew kharma.






I keep going down

I keep going down on you, I can’t help it girl.

And I’m going down

I’m such a clown to you, I can’t help it girl.


You got a way with words, words can’t describe,

It’s the way you swerve and get caught in the light,

I’m on your spider webs, no choice to abide,

It’s not my nature to surrender but you’re eating me alive and

I think I like it; wait my turn, I’ll bite back but for now I won’t fight it,

Fuck it, I’d really like to fuck you,

You’ve got an expensive brain, I’d really like to mug you,

Probe your lobes for gold while on dope, we go through the regular,

Five standard positions; all positioning spectacular,

Sayla guarantees it, or you get to fuck back,

Hop on, snuggle, buckle down, grind while you lean back,

Your hair reaching my kneecaps, my hands on your kneecaps,

Pushin’ and pullin’ deeper so that I’d know where ya needs at,

So I could reach out, and you could you could come on weekends,

24/7, it’s always whoopsie season.


When I hold you, my world explodes,

I could let the tide turn, but I rather unfold the secret within us,

The sweet bitter medicine,

The subtle suffocation we happen to find bliss in, such blithe,

But I swear it’s an addiction ma, cause darling this is our fifth and definitely not our last for the night,

The filth between love and lust is not fair, but it’s aight,

It’s an epiphany, the serendipitous misc en scene at play,

The vibe zones in and cancels out the decay,

At 1 we blew money, 2 O’clock we felt gold,

3 lines of coke, by 4 we were on indo,

5 felt like fire, but 6 it was sex,

Sick 6 for sex, sick 6 for the sex

5 felt like fire but 6 it was sex,

6 it was 666 for the sex.


Going back to that whoopsie shit.






The way your mind moves, I move,

And it’s my move, but our love be so delicate,

Delegated your dreams to me, knowing damn well I wont bury it,

Instead ferry it up to reality,

Limit my focus to money, the future and family, make you proud of me,

Even my flaws be knocking your door,

You welcome me in and love me some more, and I’m grateful, so thank you,

that’s why I love you the way I do, B,

go hard like yellow and black2B,

‘cause what is to be is to be,

I’m dedicated to my duties as a man,

Done with the doobies, on with the plan,

Build up a fam, stack up on dough,

Couple investments, keeping it low, you know?

And I like how you give me space,

To read, to write, to rap, to paint, try to save the human race,

me and delusions, done sippin’ the booze in,

No conditional love, every sin is an exclusion,

When it comes to you love,

Only you love.  Drain me out.

Makes me feel like I need to fuel up.


I feel the fire burn inside of me,

I see the light inside your sea,

I dive and kill my pride in front of you,

Would you leave me alone?

I needed your fire, you needed a lot, ain’t nothin’ enough for me,

Now you cold like a stone,

You wanted to ride, I wanted to fly, ain’t nothin’ enough for me.

Cause I lovya, girl.






I remember you from somewhere, in my life,

I know the things that you said to me, you are right,

And I am wrong,

So I sing this song to you, ‘cause I am wrong.


I know that shade of pink, on your mouth,

I know what you think, how I’m such a clown,

And I am wrong,

Oh I’m such a fool for you, when I am wrong,


I heard you say

Uh oh, I think I’m becoming new.

I think I’m becoming you, uh oh.


This is not a love song, just a song that you love, I hope,

A song you where you could, take a toke,

Breathe, get that dopamine rush without swallowin’ an E, I hope,

Wanna get with it, lifted, litted, gifted? I’m down,

If you ever need a thing don’t think just be and act like I’m not around.


I know that shade of pink, on your mouth,

I know what you think, how I’m such a clown,

And I am wrong,

Oh I’m such a fool for you, when I am wrong,


I heard you say

Uh oh, I think I’m becoming new.

I think I’m becoming you, uh oh.


Fall with me; it’s 4 in the afternoon.






Ain’t got no sleep; been out,

Cause you’re popular,

Fans recognize you’re loud,

Cause you’re popular,

Ain’t a damn to give ‘bout you,

Cause she’s popular,

No time for love, got to make news,

Cause she’s popular.


I’m thinking ‘bout taking my chances.


Are you ready? Ready, go,

Eat the city off your hands,

Kiss the little people slow,

the world will revolve around your plan madam,

you never really do leave it to chance madam,

I believe I got some’ of what you need,

yea I got what some of what you need.

I can give dozens of reasons, if that’s what you want,

Explore all four seasons, if that’s what you want,

Face your fear and then deface ‘em, if that’s what you want,

Bury your past in the coffin, if that’s what you want,

I would like to take you dancin’,

uptown girl,down for romancing,

I’d like to take you dancing,

Small town boy thinking of taking his chances.


Ain’t got no sleep; been out,

Cause you’re popular,

Fans recognize you’re loud,

Cause you’re popular,

Ain’t a damn to give ‘bout you,

Cause she’s popular,

No time for love, got to make news,

Cause she’s popular.


She’s so Hollywood, but she’s Manhattan by style,

She do what Hepburn could, but she got that Marilyn smile and she gone,

No snow on her nose, that’s what turns me on,

She ain’t like that,

By the time we going home, she just don’t wanna go back,

She ain’t like that,

By the way she croons alone, you know she’s got you bad.


I’m thinking ‘bout taking my chances.






I saw you singing, last Saturday night,

At first I thought I was dreaming,

must’ve pinched myself a couple dozen times,

You came to say hello,

when I was bout to say goodbye,

You said ‘stay a little while and a chill a little more’, and I said alright,


I feel myself caving,

I’m bad at hiding my signs,

I don’t think I should be dating,

but you’re so my kind.


I saw you sitting there watching me, last Saturday night,

You were alone and I thought you could use some company and maybe feel alright,

So I said hello, when you were about to say goodbye,

You said‘I think you’re beautiful’,

And I said you thank you, you made my night.


I feel myself caving,

I’m bad at hiding my signs,

I don’t think I should be dating,

cause you’re so my kind.


So I walked you home,

and we stopped at my door,

I know you wont ask me in,

but I’d like to see you some more,

So can I have your number babe,

text me when you’re home,

I’ve never felt like this before, girl,

Boy, you’re not alone.






Yea, where ya old man be?

Could I be your man? Yea you bet, gladly.

Holla get at me while I rap this city,

Wrap this city while I rep this city.


You’re ‘bout to lose her like Aaliyah, leave you for me;

a scene of messiahs and scenesters,  see you post an appeal - a plea for forgiveness,

In a sea of posers appeased by your scheme of scenic bullshit as cool shit,

I’m on that Blu shit, who the fuck dares to oppose us?

My motives will implode and fold your soul in,

aim high and break the sky, in this Hunger Games, I fly with the bow in hand,

glide like a Boeing can,

glowing and flowing while we flamin’ out the blokes and stans,

juxtapose you folks in a jam,

it’s an emotional and potent potion - still a sweet revenge, no less,

wanna come toe to toe to me? I consider you toe-less,

I’m informal, suited up but bow less,

Banking on kharma, coming back for my dollars,

For the applauses, overwrite the clauses ‘cause we lawless,

A slave to the system but I’ve done it all, I’m chore-less,

They know my verse like it’s the chorus,

I spit what I see; I see the trees from the forest – timber.


Yea, where ya old man be?

Could I be your man? Yea you bet, gladly.

Holla get at me while I rap this city,

Wrap this city while I rep this city.


I’m gonna take your time, you can’t hold, get folded flow,

Underwater quarters breath control test,

You know how with 120 lessons,

Undressing 1,200 advances,

We could smash out the questions but quick to school one like Rick the Ruler,

With 8 million ways to do your medulla,

Too hard for the radio that could ease the stress, so eat cassettes,

But she got broken pencils and I’m able to cope,

Scopin’ with the chrome handle, going half on the babe, but with half on the tape,

Hoping to get her back and stretch her out on the table,

With my best laid plans to expand and plot the city limits with hieroglyphics,

No plus or minus, miss,

That’s mental refinement against crime,

The cool Casanova all over your dime,

With spare to spand but you can’t save them all,

Brothers might house you but I have you work it off,

Come back to quiet storms, quick to talk one, girl I’ll make you famous,

Because this mic be stainless,

And I spit that 3 finger ring rap, carving names on the pavement,

Staying fit with crazy prophylactics; serving Monalisas and causing much damage,

Chillin’ up with peach fuzz and waking from the reefers,

Speechless, from the farthest reaches,

This is just a feature so don’t tempt me,

KL city is nitty gritty, Klang river shows no pity, so get with me.


Light the blunt, let the high take you back,

I got the record stacks that could sink a city of dames addicted to plaques,

They got that Motown mojo, Apollo-mode yo,

Pull a young Lauryn; turn phoenix and set fire to the dojo,

Come home, I’ll treat you better than the old chiefs and head honchos,

Come on come on, let’s play a higher game of chess,

Pick your brain and let the lust the digress; digest the love-lost,

They love wars, so you don’t fuck with ‘em,

They be buggin’ ‘bout being the biggest boss, but I don’t bug with ‘em,

I be the good guy befriending bad guys that want to be good guys but doing it mad fly,

Too short for b-ball but too long for the just one time,

Conscious of the consequence of showering you with compliments,

So I hold back, don’t let you forget,

The scene’s cotton candy and I know you love throwbacks,

So come back to gold, love – we on that.






When I started this rap shit, I admit I was desperate,

Had three bands disbanded, I guess it’s my fault cause I let it,

Needed an outlet to spill,

So I started penning down the pent up shit that I feel,

I’ve been reckless, I’ve been foolish and I’ve been fake,

Fuck, came to a point I couldn’t recognize my own face,

but I’ve been digging a little bit deeper,

been a little bit more bold, I’m trying to be a bigger believer,

if they’re gonna grease ya, they gonna grease ya,

you know the media - you don’t butter up theirass, they might leave ya,

hell, they might beat ya - but be strong,

get your Malique on, your Big-L-Boogie, your Biggie, your Camron,

I went from tenant to landlord, from fuckin’ around to rap porn,

from a wise guy to a wise man to ‘why haven’t I found Zion’?

My star sign’s lyon but I’m thinking why fight on?

While we tune in, they lie on.


It’s a circle, let it cycle on,

Life’s a circle, it’s a cylone.


Watch me, going out of the way,

when i should've went home,

Only time of the day I get to spend on my own,

I was trippin' off how I used to sleep at your crib,

Shit use to be all good, until we started to get rich,

Ain’t nothing to say though, I guess we forgot what we came for,

Born sinners trying to earn halos,

Trying to earn a pardon before the case close,

Get a couple a payrolls while we getting high and lay low,

But it was love for the art first,

Party and bullshit, not giving a fuck the hours,

That mad thirst for life,

How we yearn for the hearse when we alive, but when it comes…







Where are you? Hello? I’m lost in space,

I spent the day and yesterday, tryna recall your face,

My lord, my love, you’re my everything,

I call out to you on a regular but my telephone barely rings,

All you good good people, keep a look out for the cruel cruel evil,

Trying to stay a little noble and a little more Ethel,

The picture’s easier to paint with an easel,

But it doesn’t matter when your oil paint’s diesel;

It’s feasible - a new exodus,

Cause the way you move, reflects on us, reflex on us,

The effects on us, the facts of us stack up,

We’re attacking us,

We’re attacking earth.


Where are you? Hello, I lost myself.

The man in the mirror said it’s too late to get some help,

And since it’s too late just give them hell,

Speed like a demon who the fuck gonna tell?

another heartbreak, another hotel,

another new pill, and another new spell,

All you good good people, keep a lookout for the cruel cruel evil,

Trying stay a little noble and a little more Ethel,

The picture’s easier to paint with an easel,

But it doesn’t matter when your oil paint’s diesel,

It’s feasible, a new exodus,

Cause the way you move, reflects on us, reflex on us,

The effects on us, the facts of us stack up,

We’re attacking us,

We’re attacking earth.


Place your palm on the surface of our innocent soil,

of rock, sand, dust.

Sustain the presence of eternity,

Make love to reality,

Be still to be free.

They say you can’t reach the end of the earth by going – stay.

Heart is where home is;

Decorated with blessings for the weak and strong,

They who harm us who say we are wrong.

Peace is a seed that grows internally,

We are energy; fluid, transformative, gas.

Hold your lungs, you know when to let go.




No time is wasted. All time is now.






Click clock, they coming with cuffs in a tick tock,

While your lip locked with that skank fuck,

Poppin’ a couple mollys from the ziplock,

You fake fuck, you fuck with the cops, or they fuck with you?

Cookin’ the rock, smoking that smog, you weak bitch what the fucks with you?

I don’t wanna be at your funeral, bruh,

It’s time to get straight, get real, get rough, get dough,

I’m done with faking I’m mr.nice and all,

Giving advice and all, like I don’t vice at all,

But man I’ll fight it all, like how you’ll fight it off,

But man, you’re speeding in that whirlpool,

blame it on depression that comes with a condescending worldview,

asking the world to blow you, you trippin’,

what happened to having a dream? Grey Goose sippin’,

I miss you though I see you ‘cause the old you is missing.

I’m gone.



Doctor say I’m gonna drain all of my serotonin,

And that’s the reason why I’m feeling depressed and I don’t know where I’m going,

Suppose to be one pill, but I took another, took another,

Suppose to be one deal, but I did another, killed another,

Now I seem to be stuck in this life, can I put it pass me?

Truly I’m not doing well but nobody is asking,

Used to have loads of friends, now they acting nasty,

To get my next hit bruv, I’ve gots to be crafty,

How can I like the world if the world don’t like me?

I know I can’t continue on living with this psyche,

Used to have dreams and ambitions,

Now I’m just looked down on, for the way I be living,

Yea I’m kinda fucked up, but don’t tell me how to act,

‘cause right now I’m gone, but one day I’ll be back.


This one’s for the good days,

Wanted to be Franky like Buble,

Guess we passed the due date, so we grew up – thank God.

Thought I was doom but badaboom we went from screw ups to Van Gogh;

Or so I’d like to think.

Avoid the ice we’ll never sink, we’ve paid the price,

Inspire the young, they ain’t trying to bite,

If I die tonight, remember me as the one that gave a fight.

I never demanded might, just a man with a pen and a mic,

Never was I always right, just gave a damn about my rights,

And a youth well spent,

See, we made all the mistakes so we won’t have to do them again,

Heart blue-black again, debt factorin’,

I mean if death’s absent today, I’d like to see you my friend,

I’ve been here my friend, shit I’ve been you my friend,

Chin up, I know just what the fuck you’ve been through my friend,

It’s gone.






Enough, I’m coming straight to you, at you,

I came up, don’t know what to do, to do,

And I laugh to think you’ll change, you won’t change,

So I left, knowing you’ll miss me babe, miss me babe,


May the waves wash your ways away,

We might go back to yesterday.


And I took it all, I took a beating,

Didn’t want it all, just wanted a feeling,

yet it  chocked me up and I died inside,

When life is up, may death be kind,

Ganesha knows if I could rewind, back to that moment we met,

and the moment we bled, we were broken instead,

was it omen that we shared so many moments high in bed?

Now we’re going nowhere in the rain,

now we’re soaked in the wave, drenched in our pain.